Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The world has changed

Several times each year I seem to reflect on how much the World has changed in my long life. Usually one of those times is around 9-11 due to the fact of the events 17 years ago.
I remember the day well. I remember how sick I felt.
I remember traveling before and after that day and how that has changed.

Today I worry more for my kids and grandkids. The world they have to navigate is really scary and yet they have no idea I think.

Growing up we never worried about being outside or if the door was locked or not.
We would walk the street after dark without a care. Not so now.

 My older kids had to worry a bit about bullies. I had to in school, but the environment today is so much worse. Home used to be a safe place where nothing bad would enter in, but with social media and all, that is not true.

I am doing what I can to make sure everyone I connect with knows how special they are. I am grateful for those around me and in my life and my family's life that think and do the same.
We are enough and we are each our own kind of special.

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