Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Small Blessing and the IRS?

At work I manage 3 contracts that basically take care of AP related items for our clients.
One of these contracts require my team to create, print, mail and handle the 1099 tax process for them
This is usually a busy Jan to get it all done and out the door by the deadline of Jan 31.
We then work through all the errors and corrections people send in and send the final file to the IRS by Mar sometime.
Well a Ops manager on another contract was talking to a friend of his that is an account, they talk once every couple of months, come to find out that the IRS changed the filing deadline to Jan 31 instead of March.
We confirmed it with the IRS (Such fun to call them this time of year) and sure enough it changed.
Because of the 2 friends talking and 1099's coming up I was able to save embarrassment and fines from the IRS for my client...small tender mercy

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Plumbing and blessings,

Today in our Sunday School class (13 year olds) we talked about items we just take for granted.
We brought up what would happen if you went home and the power was out, no big deal to these kids.
What if the heat was out, again not a big deal.
I then asked "What would happen if you went home and your parents informed you that there was a plumbing problem and you would be without a bathroom for the next week.
The girls gave me looks of utter disgust as they said it would be gross. Some of the boys said we would just break out our port a potty bucket that is in our food storage.
I then asked what would you do with the things that went into the bucket, their response was quick Dig a hole and bury it.
Well I am glad for plumbing. Several years ago in the middle of Jab our main sewer line had to be repaired and it took several days from start to finish where we had no plumbing. Nat and Boo went to stay with her mom but I had to stick around while the workers were here early and late so I spent the nights with our port a potty 5 gallon bucket. NO FUN!!!
I was also grateful at this time that I had keys to the Church near by so if really needed to I went up there to go to the bathroom...
Small and simple things we tend to take for granted...

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Simple Things like heat!

I think I need to restart this adventure.
Maybe in the near future I will update everything that we went through in 2016 but not today. Let me just say that my wife was diagnosed with Cancer in her Uterus last Feb and we spent the year helping her get better. From Stage 3 cancer up to recovery where we are now. I had a lot of gratefulness thrust upon me during the past year and I will share it as time goes on. She is well and her hair is coming back extra curly...
As for today, this past week I think the highs for a temp has been in the 20's and teens. A few days it was single digits for the high here in Utah. We got 12inches of snow on Christmas eve, then 3 more inches on New Years then this past week another 12 inches. We have ran out of places to pile the snow, But I am grateful for the gas company that keeps gas running to my house so my furnace can work and give us a bit of warmth. For a house that has not sprung a leak yet (Guess I better wait until thaw comes it could just be frozen over) For sweaters that help take a bit of the chill in the house away (Yup we are not only cheap but live in a house that is not the most energy efficient)
For a micro wave that will heat up a bag of corn that we were given for Christmas that keeps my feet warm all night.
For a pesky 8 year old that demands we snuggle each night as she falls asleep.\
For a healthy wife that tells me that she loves me but hates the ice forming on the outside of the house, I feel like I should do something but know that too must wait until spring thaw.
I now relate to the brothers in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers when the canyon was blocked in till spring thaw...also I now believe House Stark...Winter is coming, in fact it is here and it is a cold friend.


Friday, July 1, 2016


Yesterday Boo came down with a fever. Nothing else wrong just very hot and tired.
We gave her Tylenol and watch the fever bounce between 100.7 to 103.2 to 102 to  101.

No normally a fever isn't a real big deal but it could be deadly to Nat with her chemo so I was worried all day.
Last night as Boo and I went to bed she asked if we could have prayer. So we went out with Mom and had a prayer.
She then went to sleep.
I have to admit I hit my knees several more times before morning.
I also went out and stuck a look and quick touch of Nat's head asleep on the couch to make sure she was breathing and not hot.

Glad to report Boo's fever has broken and all is well.

I should have hollered at a neighbor and just given Boo a blessing yesterday but I was so involved with non stop calls for work.
Good news on that front is at 6pm last night My main client signed the new contract, so I got work for the next 5 years hopefully.

So grateful for prayer and the peace it brings. 

Monday, June 27, 2016

Miss Big Helper

This is a picture from a couple of weeks ago but it still rings true

Boo is such a help to her mom! (Well most of the time)
She loves to help with the was changing loads from washer to dryer even if she does need to use a stool to get to the bottom of the machine.
Sometimes I think she may get stuck in there.

So grateful for this little helper.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Good Weekend. Family is the center!

We started the Weekend by going up to see my dad at the Veterans home where he is staying.
We were able to be there with my Mom and sibling as well as 2 of my nephews.

I go up every Tuesday afternoon for a bit to sit and talk with him. While I really don't enjoy the drive I am grateful for this man whom I call father!
Then we went to lunch and shopping then came home and while Nat rested from being out all morning Boo and I went out front. She did not want to be in the house. It was hot and bright.
I told her to put on a hat so she grabbed my big floppy one. Soon however she was complaining about the hot sun on her back.
We figured this umbrella would do the job.

Then Sunday we went to the blessing of grandchild number 6!
What a fun time. We were able to see family and even Cody showed up which was nice.
Too bad Misty had to stay home with a sick Addy but her cake pops were great.

Family is the center of my world! They are why I am who I am as well as why I do what I do most of the time.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Finding Dory and feeling Tired!

The last few days have not been good for Nat. She feels like it is next week already.
She didn’t have her couple of days feeling ok before the truck hit her. It seemed that her nausea and tiredness and tingles hit Thursday.
She missed Church on Sun and today was feeling lousy.
We had already made plans to go see the new Disney movie with all the Seabury’s.
As we were driving over Nat felt really bad, in fact so much so that she had what Maggie calls Chemo Brain. This basically means one of 2 things, either Mommy can’t remember things well or that she is extremely short tempered.
This has happened a few times but Boo has been a trooper and as Nat is venting she just looks at me like It’s ok dad I know it’s chemo brain.
Well we got into the movie and sat there.
I was feeling mad and sorry for myself.
I was so tired of not having my wife back
Not having good days at work
Not being able to do anything right it seemed
Just having my own pity party.
Then I heard something I haven’t heard in quite a while and I started to cry from being so happy.
My wife’s laugh filled the air. Not just a chuckle but her fun filled, full of life laugh that I have missed so much.
I was called to instant repentance and told myself to man up and shut up.

So grateful for this.
So grateful that I have my wife\best friend to laugh with me
So grateful for what a great mom she is to Boo
Life is good, we will get through this together.