Friday, July 1, 2016


Yesterday Boo came down with a fever. Nothing else wrong just very hot and tired.
We gave her Tylenol and watch the fever bounce between 100.7 to 103.2 to 102 to  101.

No normally a fever isn't a real big deal but it could be deadly to Nat with her chemo so I was worried all day.
Last night as Boo and I went to bed she asked if we could have prayer. So we went out with Mom and had a prayer.
She then went to sleep.
I have to admit I hit my knees several more times before morning.
I also went out and stuck a look and quick touch of Nat's head asleep on the couch to make sure she was breathing and not hot.

Glad to report Boo's fever has broken and all is well.

I should have hollered at a neighbor and just given Boo a blessing yesterday but I was so involved with non stop calls for work.
Good news on that front is at 6pm last night My main client signed the new contract, so I got work for the next 5 years hopefully.

So grateful for prayer and the peace it brings. 

Monday, June 27, 2016

Miss Big Helper

This is a picture from a couple of weeks ago but it still rings true

Boo is such a help to her mom! (Well most of the time)
She loves to help with the was changing loads from washer to dryer even if she does need to use a stool to get to the bottom of the machine.
Sometimes I think she may get stuck in there.

So grateful for this little helper.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Good Weekend. Family is the center!

We started the Weekend by going up to see my dad at the Veterans home where he is staying.
We were able to be there with my Mom and sibling as well as 2 of my nephews.

I go up every Tuesday afternoon for a bit to sit and talk with him. While I really don't enjoy the drive I am grateful for this man whom I call father!
Then we went to lunch and shopping then came home and while Nat rested from being out all morning Boo and I went out front. She did not want to be in the house. It was hot and bright.
I told her to put on a hat so she grabbed my big floppy one. Soon however she was complaining about the hot sun on her back.
We figured this umbrella would do the job.

Then Sunday we went to the blessing of grandchild number 6!
What a fun time. We were able to see family and even Cody showed up which was nice.
Too bad Misty had to stay home with a sick Addy but her cake pops were great.

Family is the center of my world! They are why I am who I am as well as why I do what I do most of the time.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Finding Dory and feeling Tired!

The last few days have not been good for Nat. She feels like it is next week already.
She didn’t have her couple of days feeling ok before the truck hit her. It seemed that her nausea and tiredness and tingles hit Thursday.
She missed Church on Sun and today was feeling lousy.
We had already made plans to go see the new Disney movie with all the Seabury’s.
As we were driving over Nat felt really bad, in fact so much so that she had what Maggie calls Chemo Brain. This basically means one of 2 things, either Mommy can’t remember things well or that she is extremely short tempered.
This has happened a few times but Boo has been a trooper and as Nat is venting she just looks at me like It’s ok dad I know it’s chemo brain.
Well we got into the movie and sat there.
I was feeling mad and sorry for myself.
I was so tired of not having my wife back
Not having good days at work
Not being able to do anything right it seemed
Just having my own pity party.
Then I heard something I haven’t heard in quite a while and I started to cry from being so happy.
My wife’s laugh filled the air. Not just a chuckle but her fun filled, full of life laugh that I have missed so much.
I was called to instant repentance and told myself to man up and shut up.

So grateful for this.
So grateful that I have my wife\best friend to laugh with me
So grateful for what a great mom she is to Boo
Life is good, we will get through this together.


A very sick BIrthday

Well today is Nats 42nd birthday and she feels like a semi-truck has run her over.
Not only is her nausea there but the tiredness and the tingling are in full force and she just wants to sleep.
So Boo and I are letting her do just that.
The last few days have been worse than last go round, but the Dr said it might be this way. Hard thing is that everyone reacts differently to Chemo.
I guess the effects are worse since the Chemo never fully gets out of her body before she gets hit with another dose.
So grateful we only have 3 left.
So grateful for Nats positive outlook even when I am not so bright and cheery

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Little MErmaid

Well tonight we sat through 2 hours of little mermaid themed dancing just to watch my granddaughter dance for 5 minutes.
It was worth it to see her smile after the program and knowing that Papa and Nanny but most importantly Aunt Maggie was there to see her dance.
I am not sure who had a worse night Nat on my right side feeling bad and hurting or the very pregnant lady on my left that could not get comfortable at all.
So grateful for my hug I got after the program as well as for Nat being trooper

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Chemo Round 4

Well today was not the best. It started out by Nat and I staying up till 2:30 talking about her worries and concerns.
She announced to me that she was done with Chemo. I said don’t think it works that way.
She was just tired of it all and was not looking forward to the morning.
It started off as usual of us going to get Nat’s blood drawn. It seemed to be taking quite a long time and they had pulled the curtain to the area so me sitting across the hall could only hear what was going on.

I had a lady sit next to me acting really nervous, she said it was her first time there and she was worried.I told her they were great and there was nothing to worry about.
Just then Nat came out from the curtain with her arm bandaged in 3 different places.
Without thinking I blurted out “What the hell did they do to you?”
The lady next to me moaned and got worried all over again.
I then told her no really they are good here and not to worry.
Turns out they had trouble hitting a vein just like Nat had been afraid of earlier that morning.
We then went into the room to talk to the Chemo team.
Now when I say team it is moving parts. Nat has the same main Dr and Nurse but since this is a teaching hospital we first get to meet with an intern or fellow then with the main Dr and the intern then they leave and the Nurse wraps everything else up and makes sure we are good.
I love our nurse, she is so caring and so concerned with us.
Once Nat said she was a bit tired of all this the Nurse asked if we wanted to talk to a social worker.
Well the rest of the treatment was good.
Nat is asleep on the couch and not feeling her usual self tonight.

I know I will be up sneaking a check on her but so grateful she is in my life and is my best friend.