Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Small Blessing and the IRS?

At work I manage 3 contracts that basically take care of AP related items for our clients.
One of these contracts require my team to create, print, mail and handle the 1099 tax process for them
This is usually a busy Jan to get it all done and out the door by the deadline of Jan 31.
We then work through all the errors and corrections people send in and send the final file to the IRS by Mar sometime.
Well a Ops manager on another contract was talking to a friend of his that is an account, they talk once every couple of months, come to find out that the IRS changed the filing deadline to Jan 31 instead of March.
We confirmed it with the IRS (Such fun to call them this time of year) and sure enough it changed.
Because of the 2 friends talking and 1099's coming up I was able to save embarrassment and fines from the IRS for my client...small tender mercy

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